Oleg Harencar is an award winning documentary and feature filmmaker with international credits reflecting both artistic and technical excellence. Oleg studied film at the State University of New York in Buffalo during the golden years of its media department – the meeting ground for seminal documentary and experimental filmmakers including such luminaries as Allan Pennebaker, Werner Fasbinder, James Blue, Richard Leacock, and many others. James Blue, Oscar nominated director and Cannes Film Festival winner was Oleg's mentor.


Oleg has worked on films for BBC; directed a fashion TV program, Moda Bum, with portraits of Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace and Fendi sisters while living in Milan. Harencar also co-wrote, directed and produced a feature film, Bloodlines, with actors Rudolf Martin, Oscar-nominee Sally Kirkland, and Emmy-nominated Max Gail. In addition, Oleg has produced and co-wrote a feature film script, My Life with Masoch, purchased by a NY production company. His dream of making the Life on the Water series was inspired by living in breathtaking surroundings amongst an eclectic group of larger than life personalities.


As Producer for Life on the Water, Don Zimmer finds himself at a unique, creative moment. Originally from the east coast, Don made his way to the Bay Area and quickly discovered he had a passionate, personal connection to the water – a trait he shares with the other members of the Life on the Water crew. He is both an accomplished musician and a multi-faceted producer. He has produced the documentary, “The Tao of Blue Grass – a Portrait of Peter Rowan”.  As owner of the independent music label and boutique recording studio, Floating Records, he recently partnered with Mill Valley Music to develop “Made in Mill Valley”, a compilation of music from artists who reside in Mill Valley, California. Through Floating Records Don has developed a community of musicians who are producing rich art that might not get the attention it deserves in the current corporate musical climate. Like Floating Records, Life on the Water allows Don to pursue his mission of producing amazing content above any other goal. Don currently resides with his wife and their two children in Mill Valley California.

KAT LUSHER   CO-CREATOR / PRODUCER / creative + design

Kat has 20+ years of design experience working for major brand retailers in San Francisco and for Disney Consumer Products.  In 2005 Kat launched her own design studio,  Kreative Katalyst, with a client list that includes some of the world's top entertainment studios designing textiles and graphics for the apparel industry, as well as branding and web design. She credits her daily yoga practice to maintain balance from the demands of her design studio and the many roles she plays in  Life on the Water. When the water beckons, you might catch Kat on her SUP – no doubt with a camera by her side.


Peter Le Lievre is a global leader in high technology commercialisation, with over 10 years experience in the development of innovative clean technology products. As Co-Founder and CEO of Chromasun, a leading manufacturer of advanced high temperature solar panels, Peter helped lead the construction of California’s largest high temperature rooftop project at the Benson Center at Santa Clara University in 2011.


Peter was also the Co-Founder and Founding CEO of Ausra, one of Australia’s most successful solar companies and responsible for construction of the world’s first direct steam generation solar steam plant in the Hunter Valley NSW. Peter is Director of Sunwater Solar, California's leading commercial solar thermal installer, and Aurora Algae, a world leader in the development of high performance, sustainable algae-based alternatives.


An accomplished industrial designer, Peter is named in 21 patents and more than 30 peer-reviewed papers. Starting his career with Advanced Multi-Hull, Peter helped design the world’s largest Catamaran Ferry, as well as the wave piercing hull for the Chinese Houbei Class fast attack ships. Peter is a graduate of Industrial Design at the University of Technology Sydney and Master of Business Administration at the Australian Graduate School of Management.


A mariner himself, Peter and his family have made numerous sea and ocean voyages, with several more on the horizon planned.

LISA LE LIEVRE    color / Sound mix

Lisa Le Lievre has worked as a freelance dancer, dance teacher, Pilates instructor and Franklin Method educator in Australia, Europe and the USA. While dancing in Italy, she collaborated with two filmmakers and discovered how her passion for dance could be expressed through the film medium. Since this time she has worked on many films in the dance, narrative and documentary genres, in many different roles.


Lisa is currently taking the USCG's Captain's course to broaden her knowledge for the many sea and ocean voyages that await her in the not so distant future.

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