“Sometimes people ask me,
“Are you Ramblin' Jack?” and I say,
I used to be.”


Ramblin’ Jack Elliott is one of the original American Raconteurs. Arguably one of the biggest influences of modern popular music alive today, he has been dubbed the father of Bob Dylan, the inspiration for Mick Jagger, the quiet muse for musicians who have filled our collective life-soundtracks from Johnny Cash and Bruce Springsteen to Kris Kristofferson and  Beck. With over 40 albums under his belt, this two- time Grammy-Award winner has been performing folk music for more than half a century. In 1998 Ramblin’ Jack was awarded the prestigious National Medal of Arts by President Bill Clinton.

Ramblin’ Jack was born in New York City in 1931. His adventures began by running away at fourteen to join the traveling rodeo where he was exposed to a life of music by a rodeo cowboy who played guitar and recited poetry. He eventually befriended and toured extensively with Woody Guthrie, the legend who wrote, “This Land Is Your Land”.  Later it was at Guthrie’s bed side where Jack met a young Bob Dylan.

He has been shaped by trucks, horses and the sea and has traveled the world in pursuit of these passions, making music and collecting experiences along the way. His tales are funny, poignant, perfectly timed and rich with detail. To hear Ramblin’ Jack tell a story is to be witness to an unmatched master of the art. In this portrait Ramblin’ Jack is given the time and space to simply do what he does better than anyone – tell stories. It is in these narratives that a rich collective experience unfolds before us. You will be moved by a life lived and a man still searching.



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