A mere 2 weeks after Warwick "Commodore' Tompkinses' birth in 1932, he was brought on board Wander Bird, an 85' schooner that would set the course for his life at sea. At age 4 the family set sail on an epic voyage that would take them around Cape Horn and eventually making landfall in the San Francisco Bay. His first nine years were spent sailing aboard Wander Bird until it abruptly came to a halt in 1941. The transition from water to land proved very difficult for the young Commodore. Eventually, he returned to the sea where his love of boats and the ocean was undeniable.


As one of the most accomplished sailors in the world, Tompkins has spent most of his life racing, cruising, designing, rigging and delivering boats  - logging over 500,000 ocean miles. With his wealth of experience and knowledge of sailing, few people in the world are more qualified to talk about life on the water than Warwick "Commodore" Tompkins himself.


- Warwick "Commodore" Tompkins,

from an excerpt in SailFeed.com






“The schooner taught me
to love point-to-point sailing, warm climates, smooth water, and voyages that require no heroics. You could just as easily
say it was my father who taught me that. He was my springboard. I’ve made myself into a better sailor than my father, but I admit he was a better dancer.”

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